3 Travel Bloggers To Follow

Anna Kryukova

28 April 2017

Today, I bring you a round up of some of my favorite bloggers from around the web. I’ve been following some of these for years and got to see how their narrative grew and developed. Get a cup of coffee and discover your new favorite reads.

Kylie Flavell

The Storyteler

Kylie is a filmmaker, editor, producer & journalist traveling the world as a one-girl production company. She’s travelled all over the world and produced shows that aired on National Geographics and other channels.

The YouTube shows she produces have 1.2 million views per episode and they combine the most genuine, down to earth storytelling with her fun, upbeat personality. Kylie connects with strangers on camera and tells the most powerful and heartfelt stories.

Kylie is an true inspiration to anyone travellers and entrepreneurs alike. She moved to Rome from Australia in a pursuit of a dream job that fell through days before she was supposed to start. But that didn’t stop her from learning everything she could to create her own job. And while learning filmmaking, she became fluent in Italian and launched her own magazine, Romeing. Her blog and videos are about travel, filmmaking, and pursuing your passion.

Chris Guillebeau

Hacking Entrepreneurship and Travel

Chris Guillebeau is an American nonfiction author, blogger and speaker. He is the youngest American to have travelled to every country in the world. He is best known for The Art of Non-Conformity blog and book as well as his book The $100 startup. He has written many guides for travel and small business topics under the brand Unconventional Guides.

He writes blog posts and releases a daily podcast called Side Hustle School. In each episode, Chris interviews entrepreneurs who are making an income with a side business of their own. Each episode is unique and tells an interesting story. The goal of his blog is to educate people on creative ways to make money in today’s economy to free up time to travel and pursue one’s interests.

Nomadic Matt

Travel Cheaper Better Longer

Matthew Kepnes runs a blog where he shares Tips and advice on how to travel anywhere in the world on a budget from the world’s budget travel expert. He is a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and founder of a blog that reaches over 1,000,000 viewers every month. He provides tried and true methods how to save money while traveling and have the best trip ever.


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What are some of your favorite travel bloggers? Share in the comments below.

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